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Full Spectrum Cycling #206 – Derek Mauser Chats May Day Mayhem – Nite Owl is Open

Show #206 – Derek Mauser is our Call-in Studio show guest this week and we chat about the upcoming May Day Mayhem Klunker race in Osage, IA as well as info about the local trails and an expanding system in North Central Iowa.

Talkin’ Schmack!

RIP Gordon Moore – Moore’s Law

As of March 28th, Nite Owl is OPEN – https://milwaukeerecord.com/food-drink/nite-owls-2023-season-begins-today/

No go! Out of meat at 12:40 or so

Went to Scardina’s instead

Need Kitsbow stuff? – https://kitsbow.treet.co/

TRP in the drivetrain business – Riders can adjust the shifter to jump between one and four gears per shift and the chainrings utilize the brand’s Wave profile for improved retention.

Gnomez says “Our test bike came with a set of Vee Snow Avalanche 27.5 x 4.5 sneakers and I have to say that Vee Tires suck gnome balls. Tires have a huge influence on how a fat bike feels. While testing a Panorama Cycles Torngat.

Show Guest – Derek Mauser

May 6th, 2023 – May Day Mayhem – Osage, IA

Mitchell County Mountain Bikers

Joe Kisley

Show Beer – Oskar Blues – Cosmic Mutant Experimental IPA

Through alternate dimensions of time and space, a new mutant is landing CosmIc Mutant Experimental IPA will launch you into unknown territory using a supernatural yeast strain that explores lavers of hop favor once believed to be beyond the reach of brewing ingenuity. We choose to crush the boundaries of IPAs not because it is easy, but because they taste so unbelievably good.

ABV – 7%

Michael gets all arty on the front porch.

Nite Owl opened but I was 10 minutes late! No meat!

Make of this what you will!

Call-in to 717-727-2453 and leave us a message about how cycling is making your life better!

Shit Worth Doin’

May 6th, 2023 – May Day Mayhem – Osage, IA

June 3rd-10th, 2023 – Wisconsin Bike Week – https://wisconsinbikefed.org/wisconsin-bike-week/

July 28th-29th, 2023 – Riverwest 24 Hour Bike Race – https://www.riverwest24.com/


Surly Ice Cream Truck

Surly Wednesdays are now built into complete bikes!

Surly Wednesday Fatbike Custom Build – Medium – Shangri-La Green

Surly Wednesday Fatbike Custom Build – Large – Shangri-La Green

Large Schlick Cycles APe for aggressive fatbiking – Purple. Possibly the last APe! Definitely the last Teesdale-built APe!

Large Schlick Cycles 29+ Custom Build – Black

Medium Schlick Cycles 29+ Custom Build – Orange

Wu-Tang Singlespeed from State Bicycles

Wu-Tang Yellow Klunker from State Bicycles

Large Schlick Cycles Tatanka, Orange.

Wyatt Medium Fatbike – Custom Powdercoat 

Schlick Fatbikes

A bunch of Schlick Growler (Zen Bicycle Fabrications AR 45) frames for custom builds.

29+ Schlick Cycles frames for custom builds

Contact info@everydaycycles.com

Call-in to 717-727-2453 and leave us a message about how cycling is making your life better!

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