Month: July 2021

Full Spectrum Cycling #123 – Big Sexy Visits Milwaukee – RW24 Recap

Show # 123 – Big Sexy was in Milwaukee and joined Sven, JK and Tony in the Studio while James lurked in the background! We chatted about Big Sexy’s cross country escapades aboard Heather the Tricycle, out boat trip on the Lake Express High Speed Ferry and shenanigans, checkpoints and good times at the Riverwest 24…

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Full Spectrum Cycling #122 – Michigan Trip – House of RAD Steamroller Printing Party

Show #122 – I know last week I had the dumb idea to take a week off but JK was all like, “do we really want to do a Combo Breaker” and I was all like “NO”. So, Sven JK and Tony are back in the studio coming at you again! Sven JK and Tony in…

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Full Spectrum Cycling #121 – Andrew Zahn in the Studio and a Who’s Who of Call-in Guests

Show #121 – That’s right cycling fans, this show is a double-doser! The first half, or so, is a generous portion of call-ins from show regulars, Chewey, Dave Fuckin’ Lunz (DFL) and a Jager-infested Big Sexy we are meeting in Michigan next week! Hail Lake Express Ferry. We will be in Grand Haven, MI Thursday night if…

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