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Full Spectrum Cycling #203 – Seeley Dave – Trek’s New Farley – Fatbike Birkie Conditions and Pregame Olympics with JK and Tony

Show #203 – Seeley Dave chats Trek’s redesigned Aluminum Farley Fatbike, gives us a heads up on the Fat Bike Birkie coming up tomorrow and likely race course trail conditions, and hips us to his plan for a new Bikepacking Video Podcast with a more “everyday person” vibe. This episode pits JK and Tony for the dubious honor of champion of the Pregame Olympics. Who will it be? Listen and vote!

Talkin’ Schmack

Just as I was wondering about Trek’s commitment to fatbikes they redesigned the Aluminum Farley! More bikepacking/expedition focused

Bontrager Gnarwhal 27.5 x 4.5 120tpi will likely be available for a while too.

Frozen Snot Ride – https://facebook.com/events/s/frozen-snot-ride-2023/1641498892950698/

St Paddy’s Day Parade and Ride

Reminder to email Marcus_Warrington@trekbikes.com if you want to see a Fatbike Class in the WORS series. Can’t hurt!

Dan Dahl’s band, Astral Hand – Lords of Data – Psychedelic Space Rock? – https://astralhand.bandcamp.com/album/lords-of-data 

New Chewey Podcast and gear

Mando is back

Wisconsin Bike Week June 3rd-10th, 2023 – https://wisconsinbikefed.org/wisconsin-bike-week/

Astral Hand – Lords of Data

Show Guest – Dave Schlabowske 

Thoughts on the redesigned Aluminum Trek Farley Fat Bike

Fat Bike Birkie Race Course Report and Likely Conditions

New Bikepacking Video Podcast – The Northwoods Ramble??

Show Beer – 3 Floyds Zombie Ice – Undead Double Pale Ale

Crafted with an unholy amount of citra hops, this Undead Pale Ale heralds the zombie evolution after the dust has settled from the apocalypse.

8.5% ABV

55 IBU

Style: Double Pale Ale

Call-in to 717-727-2453 and leave us a message about how cycling is making your life better!

Shit Worth Doin’

March 11th, 2023 – Fatbike Birkie – Cable, WI

March 11th, 2023 – 28 Below 50k Race, Ride, Tour – Black Hills, SD – https://www.28below.com/

June 3rd-10th, 2023 – Wisconsin Bike Week – https://wisconsinbikefed.org/wisconsin-bike-week/


Surly Ice Cream Truck

Surly Wednesdays are now built into complete bikes!

Surly Wednesday Fatbike Custom Build – Medium – Shangri-La Green

Surly Wednesday Fatbike Custom Build – Large – Shangri-La Green

Large Schlick Cycles APe for aggressive fatbiking – Purple. Possibly the last APe! Definitely the last Teesdale-built APe!

Large Schlick Cycles 29+ Custom Build – Black

Medium Schlick Cycles 29+ Custom Build – Orange

Wu-Tang Singlespeed from State Bicycles

Wu-Tang Yellow Klunker from State Bicycles

Large Schlick Cycles Tatanka, Orange.

Wyatt Medium Fatbike – Custom Powdercoat 

Schlick Fatbikes

A bunch of Schlick Growler (Zen Bicycle Fabrications AR 45) frames for custom builds.

29+ Schlick Cycles frames for custom builds

Contact info@everydaycycles.com

Call-in to 717-727-2453 and leave us a message about how cycling is making your life better!

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