Full Spectrum Cycling

Hosted BySven, JK and Tony

Full Spectrum Cycling – RW24 Radio, Radio Checkpoint – First Hour Interviews

Sven, JK, Tony and The Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast hosted the Radio, Radio Bonus Checkpoint at the top of Reservoir Park in Milwaukee during this year’s Riverwest 24. The event this year had over 1100 riders and over 1900 participants.

During the first hour of the checkpoint the team did 9 interviews of 2 riders per interview with an additional group of riders being the audience.

First Hour Guest Rider Interviews:

#1 – Jeff Scanlon and Zach Ziegler

#2 – Nick and Jenna (JK)

#3 – Lauren (Face Paint) and Anthony (Scrumptious Pansy)

#4 – Remy (Ride Hard Chill Harderer – Male Solo Winner!) and John (Well Lubricated)

#5 – Chris and Aaron (Not So Instant Replay)

#6 – Samara and Matt

#7 – Diana (Riverbest Friends) and Eli (MOBIAK – 3rd Solo Male)

#8 – Eric (Apnea) and Kate (Reardon to go)

#9 – Tony (Boneshaker – 3rd Tandem) and Shaun (Hammpions)

Apologies for any misspellings!

Remy – Solo Male Winner!


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