Chewey’s Salon Chair

Hosted ByRon Moffitt

Chewey’s Salon Chair #14 – Post Santa Rampage Recorded Live at 63 Club in Rochester, MN!

This edition of Chewey’s Salon Chair traded the Salon Chair for bar stools at 63 Club where Chewey, Spinner, Sven and The Captain recorded a post Santa Rampage show live in the bar room there at 63 Club. I think we shoehorned in something about Klunkers since most of rode them on the Rampage. Probably still need to do a proper Klunker show though.

We collected toys for the Marines Toys for Tots drive as well as good ol’ greenbacks to purchase bikes for kids with.

Along the way we stopped at:

Life’s Too Short (LTS) – Little Thistle Brewing Co – https://littlethistlebeer.comKinney Creek Brewery – https://www.kinneycreekbrewery.comTaco JEDBrother’s Bar and Grill – https://brothersbarandgrillrochester.com63 Club where we recorded this here show! – other spots as well. The end was a bit fuzzy.

Heck, some of us, namely Spinner, Chewey, The Captain and Sven did a spot on KIMT, one of Rochester’s TV stations. Good coverage for Santa! 

Some local (Milwaukee) peeps on the Santa Rampage in Milwaukee plus about 2,000 other Santas and such on bikes!

It was a great day! Super cool seeing the Santa Rampage ride taking on life outside Milwaukee where, by the way, over 2000 Santas descended in that fair city!

Oh yeah, on our way to Rochester from Milwaukee, Dave and I stopped at Laughing Larry’s Lunchroom at the Award Winning Truck Wash near Tomah. If you find yourself rolling by that neck of the woods before 2pm or so, stop in from some tasty vittles and one of the most unique locations for lunchroom I’ve seen in my many years of travel.. I hit it every time I am able!

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