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Full Spectrum Cycling #143 – bikepacking.com Best Route Award Winner Dave Schlabowske Plus Jessica, Dan and James in the Studio

Show #143 – Bikepacking.com Route Award Winner “Seeley” Dave Schlabowske calls in plus Jessica, Dan and James darken the studio with their presence.

  • Holy crap I saw 66 degrees today!
  • HughJass #2 Waterloo, WI: was last week
  • ShellTrack this weekend in Manitowoc
  • Skateboard Talk
    • Shannon got a new Caballero reissue
    • I found my Powell Perelta Ray “Bones” Rodriguez reissue and had to throw down for it
    • I’m not too old to skateboard, just too old to fall down

Show Guest(s)

bikepacking.com Route Award Winner, Dave Schlabowske 

Jessica Tomen, Dan Mena and James!

Call in to our Voice Mail at 717-727-2453 and ask the guys a question or leave a comment!

Show Beer – Sprecher Juicy IPA

  • Juicy IPA is a juicy light-bodied pale ale with a fruit-forward aroma reminiscent of pear, green grape, and pineapple. Juicy IPA pours a pale yellow with a slight haze. Its fruity aroma inspires relaxation, even miles from the tropics. Juicy fruit aromas combine with a light body and soft bitterness to make a tempting session pale ale.
  • ABV – 5%
  • IBU – 20 – give or take

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