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Full Spectrum Cycling #137 – Cold in MKE – eBike Specific Clothes?

Show #137 – Sven, JK and Tony ramble through another week of Full Spectrum Cycling! 

Talkin’ Schmack

  • Chewey’s Podcast
  • Grin Update – Good luck with eBike parts.
  • Flatbar State All-road

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Show Beer – Gathering Place – Heated Debate – Double IPA

It is getting late in the evening. The carcass of the nightly dinner lies in the middle of the table and here goes dad and Jimmy going at it. Voices raised. Midwest nice goes out the window into the humid summer air. And all about the size of the fish Jimmy caught. We’ve all been there. Well fear not old friend, this Double IPA will spark none of that. Tropical fruits, citrus, fresh cut grass, and a whiff of dill take center stage with a crisp drinkable finish. There will only be smiles and cheers when this Heated Debate is brought to the table with the Pike Jimmy caught yesterday. Say something nice. Jimmy is pretty sensitive.

  • ABV: 8.1%
  • IBU: 80
Getting the shop in shape!

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