big sexy

Full Spectrum Cycling #140 – Big Sexy’s Thanksgiving in Italy, Texas That is and Other Stuff

Show #140 – Sven, JK and Tony are in the studio where we field a call from Big Sexy who clues us in to Thanksgiving in Italy, Texas, has a serious question and nears the end of this year’s adventures with Heather. Talkin’ Schmack Black Friday Specials?? Movin’ Upstairs Round 2 New Moffit Show – Firefighter…

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Full Spectrum Cycling #138 – Big Sexy is OK in Oklahoma!

Show #138 – Big Sexy is OK in Oklahoma! Sven, JK and Tony are in the studio. The bell continues! Talkin’ Schmack The rock tumbler Ghost Train Held’s  Feed Your Soul Podcast w/WRC Move Studio Upstairs Call in to our Voice Mail at 717-727-2453 and ask the guys a question or leave a comment!…

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