Chewey’s Salon Chair

Hosted ByRon Moffitt

While it is true that Chewey hails from Rochester, MN he has become an honorary member of the Milwaukee cycling community through numerous trips to our fair city to enjoy the ride! Chewey’s Salon Chair follows a loose format that includes guests, cycling, hockey, beer and more.

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Chewey’s Salon Chair #17 -Stallis Dave’s Post Fat Bike Birkie Sh*t Show

Listen now to the dawn of a new Podcasting Hero! Since only friends listen to this show anyway, you are about to listen to the midnight ramblings of Stallis Dave (used by permission from Seeley Dave) as Kayla translates Dave-speak for Spinner and Chewe…

Chewey’s Salon Chair #16 – Single Speed USA 2022 Decorah, IA Planning Session!

Here, for those of you who have never witnessed the inner workings of planning an event as important as SSUSA. Welcome to our world. Join Spinner, Scandinavian Jesus, Katyla and Chewey as they labor over some of the details for SSUSA22 Decorah,

Chewey’s Salon Chair #15 – Post Santa Rampage, Decorah NYD Ride, SSUSA 22 and Kayla buying ANOTHER bike

We Are Back!! Winter is a tough time to wrangle this bunch into one city let alone one room, but we did it. Tonight, we were able to get Spinner, Berge, Kayla and myself (Chewey) into the Salon Chair Studio to chat about all the important things.

Chewey’s Salon Chair #14 – Post Santa Rampage Recorded Live at 63 Club in Rochester, MN!

This edition of Chewey’s Salon Chair traded the Salon Chair for bar stools at 63 Club where Chewey, Spinner, Sven and The Captain recorded a post Santa Rampage show live in the bar room there at 63 Club. I think we shoehorned in something about Klunker…

Chewey’s Salon Chair #12 – 66-cent Beers – Flagstaff via Austin and High School MTB

Ah another night with Berge in the Chair. We just can’t get...

Chewey’s Salon Chair #11 – Hockey, Bikes and a Little Excitement at the Rink

Brad stopped by to see Spinner’s new bike and chat about...

Chewey’s Salon Chair 10B – Chewey, Spinner and The Captain in Decorah

This week Spinner, Captain and I hang out in the backyard...

Chewey’s Salon Chair #9 – Post-Single Speed USA Show!

Welcome to Chewey’s Salon Chair #9. Live (ish) from Carrabassett Valley, Maine. Most...