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Full Spectrum Cycling

Hosted BySven, JK and Tony

Full Spectrum Cycling, the namesake show from, is an irreverent look at cycling, music, beer, Milwaukee etc. and boasts a rotating cast of call-in and studio guests to round out hosts Sven, JK...

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Chewey’s Salon Chair

Hosted ByRon Moffitt

While it is true that Chewey hails from Rochester, MN he has become an honorary member of the Milwaukee cycling community through numerous trips to our fair city to enjoy the ride! Chewey’s Salon...

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Weekly Dose of Fat

Hosted BySven, JK and Gomez

Storming on the Podcast scene in 2014, The Weekly Dose of Fat, with hosts Sven, JK and Gomez, quickly became a favorite among fans. Interviewing some of the most influential folks in cycling,...

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