Rode DC-USB1 USB to 12V DC Power Cable for the Rodecaster Pro

The Rode DC-USB1 is a power cable for the Rodecaster Pro that converts USB power (5V – 2.4A Minimum) to 12 Volts so you can power your Rodecaster Pro in remote locations where no conventional AC is available.

Test #1 using an older Mophie Power Station XL from about 2014. The Power Station has a capacity of 12,000 mAh. I don’t know how much capacity it now has but I use it several times a year and charge it to about 80% for storage if I am not going to be using it for a while. Should still be pretty good.

I plugged the USB Type A plug into the Mophie and the power end into the Rodecaster Pro. I liked the screw on lock that DC-USB1 comes with. For some reason my original 120V power supply doesn’t have the extra security of the screw-in connector.

I had all 4 mic channels active with a Heil PR40, an MXL BCD-1 and 2 Audio Technica BPHS-1 headset microphones on the inputs. There were also a pair of Audio Technica headphones for the standard mic channels on the outputs. 

I did a quick jibber jabber and left all the channels open and recording a Jawbone Big Jambox that was cranking out the Doom Metal for some noise. I checked back periodically and said some words then left the recording run. 

In the end, the Power Station XL ran the Rodecaster Pro for 2 hours and 30 minutes. The last time I checked the Mophie there was one light left so I ended the recording. For this first test I did not want to completely drain the battery not knowing if the Rodecaster Pro was smart enough to detect a lower voltage and shut the recording down or if it would simple shut down. My concern was that the file and/or card may be corrupted with an improper shutdown. I may try a newly formatted card with a small Power Bank just to see what happens when the power runs out.

For $20 and an appropriate power bank that you already have this Rode accessory adds versatility to your Rodecaster setup at a great price!

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